Rumor: Golf Games Might Not Work On Kinect
Micah Seff
June 22, 2010, 7:10 pm

While scouring the show floor at E3 2010 for every little bit of gaming goodness that we could, we bumped into some old friends who pointed out a glaring omission from this year's show: Tiger Woods 2011 running on Kinect was noticeably absent. According to them, EA was unable to get the game running well on Microsoft's motion-sensing device and opted to leave it out of the show completely rather than display something that didn't work.

As you might be able to imagine, the movement required to complete a full golf swing while facing the television can present some problems for Kinect. At various points during your swing, your arms and hands become obscured by your body, causing Kinect to lose track of these appendages.

According to our sources, this meant that EA was having trouble establishing any kind of realistic swing control for its game on Kinect, so instead of working through the problems, the publisher just opted to skip motion controls completely for the Xbox 360 version. Whether this means that the final Xbox 360 build will have no Kinect support, or if golf game devs are just going to have to get clever in their Kinect implementation remains to be seen. Let's hope this problem can be worked through soon, since I've got a wicked slice that I need to get rid of, and golf pros cost to much.

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