Mario Kart 7 Unlockables (Characters and Kart Parts!)
Andre Segers
November 22, 2011, 4:08 pm


  • 12-4 - Added information regarding Gold Wheels (reward for 1-Star in every GP)
  • Not related, but I added a video showing every new track from MK7!
  • 11-29 - All 3-Star Ranks Acquired! Nothing unlocked...(aside from stars next to your name)

Note: It's been suggested that the parts you unlock are random. As I'm unable to verify this (since I only have one copy of the game and don't feel like deleting my file), I will continue to list the parts in the order I unlock them. However, do note that while the coin amounts remain the same, you may unlock the parts in a different order than I have.

We've been working our way through Mario Kart 7 and have been unlocking a ton of secrets along the way. Here's everything we've discovered so far, and we'll keep updating the list as we find more. If you're unfamiliar with the game, you can collect coins during races which will eventually unlock car parts, such as the vehicle body, tires, and glider that you can use to improve your ride.

Note: There are some unlockables that we can't yet talk about.

Oh, and when you're done, make sure to check out our Track Impressions and notes on what changed with the Retro Tracks.

Mirror Mode
Finish Every Cup on 150cc - Mirror Mode
All Cups on any cc to Race as your Mii
Get 1st in Mushroom Cup 150 cc - Daisy
Get 1st  in Flower Cup 150cc - Wario
Get 1st  in Star Cup 150cc - Rosalina
Get 1st  in Special Cup 150cc - Metal Mario
Get 1st  in Shell Cup 150cc  - Shy Guy
Get 1st  in Banana Cup 150cc - Queen Bee
Get 1st  in Leaf Cup 150cc - Wiggler
Get 1st  in Lightning Cup 150cc - Lakitu
Vehicle Parts
50 Coins - Red Monster (Wheels)
100 Coins - Barrel Train  (Body) 
150 Coins - Zucchini  (Body) 
200 Coins - Koopa Clown  (Body) 
250 Coins -  Swooper (Glider)
300 Coins - Pipe Frame  (Body) 
400 Coins - Tiny Tug  (Body) 
500 Coins - B Dasher  (Body) 
600 Coins - Cloud 9  (Body) 
700 Coins - Bumble V (Body)
800 Coins - Peach Parasol (Glider)
900 Coins - Bruiser (Body)
1,000 Coins - Cact-X (Body)
1,200 Coins - Flower Glider (Glider)
1,400 Coins - Slick (Tires)
1,600 Coins - Slim (Tires)
1,800 Coins - Blue Seven (Body)
2,000 Coins - Sponge (Tires)
2,500 Coins - Paraglider (Glider)
3,000 Coins - Egg 1 (Body)
Different Title Screens
I haven't fully understood when these change, but I've noticed the title screen changes after finishing a circuit sometimes. Here's what I've found so far:
  • Yoshi in the B Dasher kart
  • Donkey Kong standing on the Bolt Buggy holding a Blue Shell
  • Peach flying through the air in the Birthday Girl kart.
  • Mario driving underwater.
  • Mario gliding.
Obtain Minimum of 1-Star Rank on all Cups - Gold Wheels
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