Night Sky Hands-On - Limbo With Balls
Andre Segers
December 15, 2011, 12:02 pm

What it is...

Night Sky is a 2D puzzle physics based game in which you maneuver a ball through 10-giant obstacle-filled levels. While the main controls are simply rolling the ball left or right using the control or circle-pad, there are several twists you’ll encounter along the way which you can activate with the press of a button: invert gravity, increase speed, and alter friction.

Invert gravity, as the name suggests, allows you to roll around on the ceiling with the press of a button. Increase speed gives your ball a speed-boost, allowing you to launch off hills or roll through loops, whereas increasing friction does the opposite and brings you to a grinding halt. And you’ll have to use all three as you maneuver through each of the 39 screens found in every level.

The game’s art style is striking, and is reminiscent of the sunset levels from Donkey Kong Country Returns, in which the elements on the foreground are silhouetted against a colorful and very atmospheric backdrop.

Oh, and once you finish the main game, you’ll unlock hard mode, with new elements scattered throughout each level, such as extra keys you need to find, or platforms that move in a different manner from before.

Early thoughts...
Night Sky is an extremely promising puzzle-platformer that really looks to be doing everything right: tight controls, fantastic visuals, and a lot of replayability. It even features a very light story to set the scene. And while we don’t know the exact price, we’re pretty sure it’ll land south of the $7 mark, which looks to be well worth it. Look for this one to roll onto the Nintendo 3DS’s eShop channel sometime between January and March next year.


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