Kid Icarus Uprising - Weapon and Powers Guide (Updated!)
Andre Segers
January 19, 2012, 1:07 pm

Updated 2-22-2012: Nintendo recently provided us with a far more in-depth look at Kid Icarus Uprising, including a ton of new details and screenshots for the weapons, powers, and items. We've marked the latest additions with a  tag below.

As we mentioned in our hands-on impressions, there are a ton of weapons to acquire in Kid Icarus Uprising. Not only are there multiple weapons in each of the nine categories, but there are even slight differences among the exact same weapons!

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the nine different weapon types, descriptions and pictures of many of the weapons, as well as a run-down of the items and powers at your disposal. Keep in mind that these descriptions are all reworkings of those provided by Nintendo itself, so in the cases where there is no description, blame Nintendo (and not me!).

Weapon Categories

  • Blade
    The well-balanced weapon-type is suitable for any situation, though it lacks any major unique features.
  • Bow
    The light arrows fired from the bow are ideal for long-range encounters and also feature a strong amount of auto-targeting. 
  • Cannon
    The cannon’s arching shots detonate upon impact, inflicting damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Arm
    This heavy weapon is tailored for close-encounters of the enemy-kind. Though its range is limited, it compensates by being for it by being the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.
  • Club
    Clubs typically feature weak (or none!) projectiles, but make up for it with strong close-range attacks and the ability to deflect enemy projectiles back at them!
  • Claws
    This weapon-type is limited in range, but gives Pit a nice speed boost, allowing him to get in and out of battles quickly.
  • Palm
    The wave-bullets fired from this wrist-mounted weapon may not be powerful, but have a high degree of auto-targeting.
  • Orbitars
    The pair of orbiters that hover above Pit’s shoulders have an extremely long range, with the projectiles growing stronger the farther they travel.
  • Staff
    This is the strongest long-distance weapon-type in the game...if you’re good enough to use it. It’s combined lack of auto-targeting and weak close-range attacks ensures it should only be equipped by those comfortable with their skills.


Specific Weapons


  • Burst Blade
    The Burst Blade fires multiple large shots at once, making it easier than ever to hit your targets. Though its distance is limited, it’s extremely useful when surrounded by enemies.
  • First Blade
    No description. 

  • Viper Blade
    True to its name, the Viper Blade’s small projectiles actually contain poison, slowly dwindling any enemy’s health that it comes into contact with for a limited time. You can increase how long the poison is effective for by firing either charged or dash shots.
  • Royal Blade

    Though damaged by time and mishandling, the Royal Blade...or what’s left of it, is well-suited for those who find themselves fleeing enemies more often than facing them head-on. This is because the shots fired from a backward dash are extremely powerful, while the ones blasted from a forward-dash are significantly less so.
  • Samurai Blade

    The Samurai Blade was modeled after a type of weapon used by the residents of an island nation with a unique culture. And like its unique heritage, this blade stands out by being the most powerful weapon of the Strike class. Its quick attacks makes it ideal for close-combat, though it features a lengthy charge time and it’s quite as strong as some of the other Blades.


  • Meteor Bow   
    No description.  

  • Fortune Bow    
    No description.  

  • Silver Bow     
    No description.  

  • Angel Bow   

    No description. 



  • EZ Canon
    No description. 

  • Dynamo Canon
    No description. 

  • Fireworks Cannon

    No description.  



  • Tigers Claws
    No description.  
  • Wolf Claws
    No description.  
  • Crawler Claws   
    No description.  

  • Stealth Claws   

    No description. 


  • Crusher Arm
    No description. 

  • Drill Arm

    No description. 

  • Bowl Arm    

    No description.


  • Ancient Staff
    No description.
  • Insight Staff     
    No description.

  • Somewhat Staff    

    No description.


  • Midnight Palm
    No description. 

  • Violet Palm    
    No description. 

  • Pudgy Palm   

    No description.  



  • Standard Orbitars
    No description. 
  • Guardian Orbitars 
    No description. 
  • Shock  Orbitars  
    No description. 

  • Paw Pad  Orbitars    

    No description. 




  • Babel Club
    This club resembles the Towerof Babel, and perhaps owing to its apparent age, fires dust as projectiles. Because of the dust’s unusual flight-path, it can sometimes hit the same enemy multiple times. 
  • Halo Club
    Compared to the others, this club is surprisingly narrow, but don’t let that fool you. It’s capable of randomly paralyzing any enemies its projectiles touch, though its shots do become weaker the further they travel.
  • Black Club
    This weapon, which is grafted onto a creepy black iron board, was created from a mysterious material.
  • Ore Club
    No description.
  • Skyscraper Club
    No description. 

  • Atlus Club

    No description. 


  • Auto Dodge
    This item will have Pit dodge attacks automatically for a limited time.
  • Back Shield
    A shied hovers behind you, protecting you from rear attacks.
  • Centurion Assist
    Summon a Centurion to help attack the enemies for a brief time.
  • Happy Trigger
    Reduces the time it takes to charge a shot.
  • Drink of the Gods
    Replenishes all of your health.
  • Various Food
    Replenishes some of your health
  • Drinks of the Gods   
    Replenishes all of your health.
  • Medusa Head   

    This floating head fires petrifying beams at opponents, turning them to stone.
  • Shrinky Bean   

    This item makes you smaller, thus harder to hit (like Oddjob!)
  • Icy Aura   
    Creates an icy barrer around you that freezes anyone it touches.
  • Cyclone    
    Creates a whirlwind that sucks up opponents, spinning them in the air, making them easy targets.
  • Atlas Foot  

    Summons a giant foot that stomps the ground (Monty Python style), crushing anyone it lands on.
  • Jump Bomb   
    This bomb is shaped like a spring for a good reason: it launches enemies that touch it into the air!
  • Power-Up Drop  
    Turns you invincible.
  • Boom Rocket   
    Despite its name, this weapons acts more like a mortar, launching into the air then falling back to the ground, where it unleashes a massive explosion!
  • Lightning of Judgement   

    Fires bolts of electricity within a large area, damaging anyone within its radius.
  • Treasure Chest
    Inside, you might find various items, weapons, or powers, but be careful, as some are booby-trapped!



  • Angelic Missile
    Transforms Pit into a missile that blasts in the direction he’s facing.
  • Health Recovery
    Recovers a small amount of health.
  • Meteor Shower
    Release a deluge of shooting stars.
  • Sky Jump
    Allows you to jump.
  • Mega Laser

    Fires a massive laser.
  • Reflect Barrier    
    Creates a staionary force-field that reflects enemy shots.
  • Playing Dead    
    Fools enemies into thinking you're dead, before turning you invisible as well as making you impervious to enemy shots.
  • Rocket Jump    
    Launches you high into the air with rocket-like thrust.
  • Darkness    

    Blacks out the screen of anyone caught in the area, blinding them...except for the person who cast it, giving them a huge advantage.
  • Effect Recovery   
    This is the "cure all" of Kid Icarus, washing away the status effects of poison or paralysis.
  • Tirelessness    
    You won't tire from running while this power is in use.
  • Slip Shot     
    Allows you to fire shots through walls!
  • Virus

    No description. 


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