6 Reasons Lego Batman 2 Might be the Best Lego Game Yet
Andre Segers
March 15, 2012, 10:05 am

Although GDC has come and gone, we are only now able to write about our impressions of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. The 45-minute demo was limited to eyes-on only, but it gave us a pretty good idea of how the game plays, and how the developers are planning to take this now-famous game series to new heights. 

Before we begin, the core of the game is very similar to the Lego games you know and love. The missions themselves are still straight-forward, and you'll still find piles of Lego bricks you can use to quickly assemble whatever it is you might need at that moment in time. What's different though are the details, and what ties it all together.

Here are the 6 reasons why Lego Batman 2 might be the best Lego game yet.

A New Take on Batman
Lego Batman 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and creates a world not based on any single Batman medium. That’s to say, it’s not based on the movies, TV show, comics, or anything else. Instead, the game borrows elements from all of those, creating what may be the definitive Batman universe...only in Lego form. This allows the developers to stay true to the spirit of Batman, while incorporating plenty of new ideas, which you’ll see below.

Explore Gotham City...
In a first for the Lego series, Lego Batman 2 features a gigantic world that you can explore between missions. Now, although the game’s mission structure is linear (meaning you’ll always complete the same missions in the same order), you are free to explore Gotham City as you wish while en route to your next destination. You can simply play around if you like, or you can try and hunt down the game’s elusive gold Lego bricks.

And to help you get around, you of course have full access to Batman’s impressive vehicle collection, including the Batmobile, Batboat, and Batwing. In addition, the game will help point you to the start-point of your next mission, ensuring no one ever gets lost within the massive city.

While 2-Player cooperative gameplay is nothing new to the Lego series, split-screen is. While you’ll still be playing on the same screen during the missions themselves, this simply wouldn’t work in an open-world environment. Which is why each player now has their own dedicated screen when playing around in Gotham City, which should hopefully make finding those Gold Lego Bricks just a little bit easier.

Play as Superman...and 48 other playable characters
That’s right, even though this is a Batman game, Superman--and 48 of their friends--are here to help out too. “Wait, what?” I can hear you asking. Well, all you need to know is that the Joker has teamed up with Lex Luther to take on Batman, so Superman, and the rest of the DC crew, are here to help out too.

Now if you’re a long-time fan of the Lego games, you might have noticed that this is actually a smaller cast than some previous games. However, the developers explained that each character will feel very unique, lending each one their own play-style. Superman, for instance, is able to fly around Gotham City completely effortlessly--and totally awesomely--in addition to having Heat Vision and Freeze Breath. And you can switch between characters at any time while in Gotham City.

Absorb Electricity, Infamous-style!
Okay, so it’s actually called the Electricity Suit, but it might as well be called the “Infamous Suit” since it basically turns you into the main character from that game. Not only does it make you invincible to electric shock, but it even allows you to absorb electricity from machinery right into your suit, then redistribute it elsewhere to power specific devices. In one example, Batman absorbed electricity from a generator powering a series of giant fan blades on the floor below, allowing Robin to pass by unharmed.

And that’s just one of several suits you’ll find scattered around each level. Robin also gets in on the fun with the Hazard Suit, which allows him to walk underwater or through fiery infernos, and the Acrobat Suit, enabling him to swing from poles to reach new heights.

Legos Can Talk?
In yet another Lego first, the characters in Lego Batman will actually talk! As in, verbally. No longer will they silently pantomime their conversations, but now they’ll speak during them too. Watch the last few seconds of the trailer below to see for yourself!

The developer explained that the kid’s have long been asking for it, so they finally decided to give them what they want. Unfortunately, the early build we saw didn’t have the voices implemented yet (nor did they specify who’s been cast), but the short trailer we saw (the same one as above) gave us a brief glimpse of the Joker’s impressively-performed voice-over.

Now if only they got Christian Bale to do Batman...

And that wraps up the 6 biggest things we noticed in our demo of Lego Batman 2, which is coming out later this year to every major console. If you have any questions about the game, post them in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them!

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