The Complete Kingdom Hearts Timeline - Part 19: Missing Friends
Derrick Bitner
August 16, 2012, 12:59 pm

For six years, Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for the third game in the series. And now, with six games in total, the plot is a near labyrinthine mess of connections and revelations. It's with that in mind that I have decided to unravel the plot of the entire series for those who may have missed the opportunity to play some of the spin-offs and those who just want a refresher before diving into the new game. Today we explore Part 19 of our ongoing feature.



The next stop in the search for Mickey and Riku brings the trio to Agrabah. They hope that Aladdin and Jasmine might know where their friends are but along the way, they spot Iago. He tries to tell them that he’s turned over a new leaf after Jafar’s defeat, but Sora doesn’t believe him. Iago tells them that after escaping Jafar’s lamp, he wants to apologize to Aladdin and Jasmine. Goofy decides to give him a break and says that they’ll ask the princess. The catch is that Iago will have to win her over himself. The group then heads for the palace to see their old friends.


The city has been completely rebuilt from the earlier sandstorms, but Jasmine has become worried about Aladdin. At times he seems the same, but other times he just seems sad. He’s also been making trips to the desert for some unknown reason. Iago wonders if Aladdin’s got a secret girlfriend, but Jasmine is more worried that Iago has returned. She runs off to get the palace guards before Sora can explain. They decide to go find Aladdin and see what he’s been up to. But as they go into town, Aladdin and Abu run past them as a peddler calls them a thief. Aladdin gets the stolen black lamp from Abu and gives it back to the peddler. 


Aladdin finally greets Sora and Sora wastes no time in asking him about what Jasmine had told them. Their friend explains that Genie and Carpet had left to go see the world, but in the year since they’ve gone, he’s grown to miss them. Aladdin goes into town to try to drown himself in the action of the marketplace. They can see where he’s coming from and are about to have Iago apologize, but Iago is scared stiff by the sight of the peddler’s lamp. He tells them that it’s Jafar’s lamp, and they all chase after the peddler. They ask to buy the lamp from him, but he’ll only part with it if they give him a treasure beyond his imagination. Iago suggests that they could grab some treasure from the Cave of Wonders, and Aladdin decides to believe him. While exploring the depths of the cave, they come across a room filled to the brim with treasure. Marveling at it all, the group takes what they need as Pete stumbles into the room with them.


Upon seeing them, he hides in a corner and listens to their conversation. His ears perk up at the mention of Jafar’s lamp, and he sneaks off back to town while leaving a group of Heartless behind to deal with Sora and the others. They’re able to fight them off, take the treasure, and head back to the peddler. But when they arrive, they hear Pete threatening the poor man. He runs off, but Pete gives chase with Sora and the others close behind. Pete finally catches him in the Palace courtyard, but Iago steals the lamp from him before he can rub it. Desperate to get the lamp back, Pete smashes Iago into a wall and takes the lamp for himself.



Pete is excited to make Jafar a Heartless but before he can do anything, Genie returns to Agrabah. He mistakes Pete for Aladdin during his goofy reintroduction causing the villain to drop the lamp, but Aladdin finally corrects him. The two friends happily reunite while Pete recovers. In his anger of being made to look like a fool, Pete summons two large Heartless. But the heroes are able to defeat the Heartless together as Pete runs off once again. The group decides to hide the lamp under a heavy stone slab in order to prevent the release of Jafar. Afterwards, Jasmine decidea to pardon Iago for his past deeds after all he’s done to help them. Sora is happy for him and that everything is back to normal between Aladdin and Jasmine, but he still has to keep searching for Riku and the King. They say their goodbyes and leave Agrabah.


Meanwhile, Pluto, still searching for Mickey on his own, has somehow stumbled into the World That Never Was. He’s scared and lonely but catches sight of Axel walking the streets of the abandoned city. He sees Axel enter a dark portal, but it closes before he can enter. However, he hears a whistle and another one appears which he happily runs through. The scene shifts to Kairi, still waiting on the shores of the Destiny Islands. She’s starting to believe that waiting isn’t good enough. Axel calls out an agreement to her as he steps through the dark portal. Kairi nervously asks who he is, and Axel introduces himself, saying that he’s an acquaintance of Sora’s. As Dusks surround her, Pluto rushes to her side. Axel says that they both have something in common. They both miss friends that they care about. Pluto hears the whistle again and leads Kairi to the dark portal that appears. Within the portal, she can only see the endlessly repeating symbol of the Nobodies and a great red light. Another whistle rings out, and Pluto leads her towards the light. They step through, but as it closes behind her, she sees a hooded figure in a black cloak. Kairi awakes to find herself in Hayner, Pence, and Olette’s clubhouse in Twilight Town. The three friends ask if she’s alright as she tries to figure out where she is.


At that same moment, Chip and Dale inform Sora and the others that they’re receiving strange signals from Twilight Town. They decide to check it out and soon see Vivi run past calling out that Seifer is in trouble at the sandlot. Sora runs off to help and finds Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin all downed by a group of Dusks. Saïx appears before Sora after they’ve defeated the lesser Nobodies and commends him for his abilities. He asks if Sora has seen a man named Axel anywhere, but Sora hasn’t. The Keyblade wielder prepares his weapon as Saïx keeps talking, informing Sora that Axel is no longer acting in the best interest of the Organization.


Sora makes jibes at the fact that the Organization seems to be having troubles of its own, but Saïx actually gives him a warning. Axel will stop at nothing to turn Sora into a Heartless. Saïx says that it would break the Organization's hearts if something were to happen to Sora. Donald mentions that Nobodies have no hearts, but Saïx says that all Organization members remember what it was like. It’s one of the things that makes them special and helps them know how to injure a heart. As Saïx summons a dark portal, he tells Sora to keep defeating the Heartless. Sora whispers to the others that they should enter the portal with him so they can find the Organization’s base. But Saïx overhears and warns them about being too reckless. If he is, he could end up like Riku. Sora wants to know what he means, but Saïx leaves without another word.


As thanks for their help, Seifer gives Sora, Donald, and Goofy the Struggle trophy, signaling them as the strongest in Twilight Town. Sora tries to refuse it, but Seifer shoves it in Goofy’s hands before leaving. It’s then that Pence shows up and asks if Sora knows a girl named Kairi. Sora becomes excited at the name and confirms that he does. Pence tells him to come to the station in that case. They all rush there as Hayner and Pence meet up with them. Sora finally asks how they all know Kairi. The three tell him that she had appeared in Twilight Town and was looking for him. He asks where she is now, but, unfortunately, Axel had shown up again. The Nobody had praised her for the guts it took to jump through the portal like she did. Hayner and Pence had tried to protect her, but Axel merely batted them away before dragging Kairi through a dark portal with Pluto chasing after them.



Sora forlornly looks at Kairi’s good luck charm as Goofy wonders if it was Axel who took her. Hayner apologizes for losing her, but Sora says it isn’t their fault. He vows to find her again and adds her to the list of people he’s searching for. Once again, he says goodbye to the kids of Twilight Town and returns to the gummi ship. Sora is depressed that all of his friends have been spread so far apart, but Donald and Goofy try to cheer him up. They decide to search the remaining worlds open to them in the hopes of finding at least one of their friends.


Meanwhile, Saïx has returned to the Round Room to report to Xemnas. The leader of the Organization commends him for not only hurting Sora's heart but throwing it into confusion as well. This will only help them gather more hearts. His confusion will lead him to frustration which will make him fight the Heartless with even more conviction. Saïx agrees but voices his concern over Axel. Xemnas calls him a sentimental fool who follows a friendship that he cannot feel. He truly believes he can bring Roxas back. But Xemnas tells Saïx that he should give Axel something to be truly pitiful about.


Their first stop brings them back to Halloween Town, where Jack Skellington is walking through the woods and discovers a tree with a door carved into it. The door is shaped like a Christmas tree. Curious, he opens it and is pulled inside. On the edge of town, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are greeted by Zero, who guides them further inside. They find that Halloween Town looks completely different with decorative lights all around and a large ramp built right in the center. Just as they wonder what it could be for, they see Jack fly by on a sleigh pulled by skeletal reindeer.


He lands on the rap and greets all of them with a “Merry Christmas!” Sora asks if he doesn’t mean “Happy Halloween” instead, but Jack tells him that he’s in more of a Christmas spirit this year. He wants to run the show, but he needs to ask Santa Claus’s permission so he’s soon heading out for Christmas Town. Jack was the one who put up all the Christmas decorations in celebration of this exciting new holiday. But before he can visit Santa, he needs to see Sally since she’s working on something special for him. He asks Sora and the others to join them, but they’re more than a little freaked out by the strange mix of Halloween and Christmas. Still, they decide to tag along, hoping to find one of their other friends.


Jack leads them to Doctor Finkelstein’s laboratory where the doctor is reading a large book. He’s in the middle of conducting a new experiment with the help of Lock, Shock, and Barrel. But the kids mishandle it causing the doctor’s work to explode. Sally finally appears but explains that she still needs more time to finish Jack's request. Jack says that it’s okay as long as it’s finished by Christmas. She tries to say more to him, but he’s too excited to see Santa Claus to listen to her. Sally begs Sora to stop Jack as she feels something terrible will happen if he goes through with his Christmas plan. But Sora’s more excited about getting to meet Santa.



When they go to leave Finkelstein’s laboratory, they are attacked by a group of Heartless. They defeat them easily, but Jack is worried for Santa Claus’s safety when he relaxes this year. He decides to assign Sora and the others as Santa’s bodyguards. Outside of town, Lock, Shock and Barrel are confronted by Maleficent. She decides that they could be of use to her and bring them along to show them the true meaning of mischief. Jack, Sora, and the others arrive at the door to Christmas Town and Jack explains that he’s grown tired of the same old spooks of Halloween year after year. He wanted to find something new and eventually found this door. As he describes the wonders of Christmas Town, Sora grows more and more excited. Jack finally opens the door and Sora jumps through without a second thought. On the other end, they find themselves in a winter wonderland with Santa’s workshop in the middle of it all. Unfortunately, Heartless have also found their way to Christmas Town. Determined not to let anything bad happen to Santa, they travel to his house.


Inside, they find Santa going over his “nice” list. Sora finds out that he’s not on Santa’s list because he told all of his friends he didn’t believe in Santa seven years ago. He’s devastated as Donald and Goofy discover they are on the list. Jack asks about himself, but Santa is alarmed just at the mention of his name. He’s about to say more when he hears a racket coming from his workshop. They follow after him and discover Lock, Shock, Barrel, and Maleficent inside. The witch tells the children what to do and disappears as they jump out the window. Santa asks them to deal with the kids, but Jack wants to ask Santa about Christmas first. Santa tells him it’ll have to wait as Jack joins Sora and the others outside. It doesn’t take much to see the kids’ tracks in the snow leading back to Halloween Town. The kids have retreated to Curly Hill where Maleficent has decided to take care of Sora before destroying Christmas Town. Pranksters they may be, Lock, Shock, and Barrel are still surprised at how evil she is and remark that she’s as bad as Oogie Boogie. This sparks an idea and Maleficent decides to bring him back to life.


When Sora and the others arrive, Oogie Boogie has already been revived. He thanks Maleficent, but she notes that he owes her a favor. She begins to tell him her plans for Sora and Christmas Town, but he begins to act dazed. Maleficent realizes that he needs more time to recover and orders the kids to distract the heroes in the meantime with a giant Heartless. Sora is able to defeat it but is still worried since Oogie has been revived. In the meantime, Santa has stumbled into the outskirts of Halloween Town where he is found by Sally. He explains that he came to see Jack about what he wanted, but Sally responds that he should return home and lock the door. Maleficent and Oogie watch the scene while she explains that while Oogie kidnaps Santa and destroys Christmas Town, she will work toward turning the jolly old man into a Heartless. They set the plan into action and Sally rushes off to find Sora.



Upon hearing the news, he and the others return to Christmas Town as quickly as they can. But they’re running low on time as Santa has been tied to one of the conveyer belts in his workshop. Luckily, they are given more time as Oogie and Maleficent begin arguing. Oogie keeps forgetting that the witch had helped him in the first place. She storms off angrily as Oogie begins redecorating the workshops into a death trap. Oogie’s memory continues to deteriorate when Sora and the others arrive. He knows he wants revenge on Jack and the others but doesn’t remember kidnapping Santa, even when he looks directly at him. Fortunately, Sally is able to rescue Santa while the others confront Oogie.


Despite Oogie’s deathtrap, Sora and the others are able to defeat him once again. Christmas is safe and Santa’s elves quickly set about restoring the workshop. Jack is still set to handle Christmas himself, but Donald and Goofy insist that he should stick to Halloween instead. Sally arrives and gives him the Santa suit that she had been making him but still questions his intentions for Christmas. Jack isn’t fazed until Santa himself thanks him for all he’s done but declares that he’ll never take over Christmas for him. He explains that seeing the happy faces of children makes all the effort worthwhile before asking Jack how he’d feel if someone tried to take over Halloween from him. Jack realizes that he should stick to what he knows best and begins making plans for next Halloween. Sora says goodbye to everyone before heading to the next world in search of his missing friends.



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