The Complete Kingdom Hearts Timeline - Part 26: A Shattered Keyblade
Derrick Bitner
August 27, 2012, 11:55 am

For six years, Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for the third game in the series. And now, with six games in total, the plot is a near labyrinthine mess of connections and revelations. It's with that in mind that I have decided to unravel the plot of the entire series for those who may have missed the opportunity to play some of the spin-offs and those who just want a refresher before diving into the new game. Today we explore Part 26 of our ongoing feature.



Data-Sora arrives at the Olympus Coliseum where he finds Phil blocked from entering the building. He explains that Hercules already went inside to investigate the strange blocks, but more appeared preventing him from every leaving. Data-Sora easily gets rid of the blocks with his Keyblade and is surprised to already find the keyhole of this world. He promises to keep an eye out for Hercules as he enters the core of Olympus Coliseum. Unlike the previous worlds, the source of the glitches isn’t immediately obvious. This is because the coliseum itself has been changed into a massive labyrinth.


The glitches of the core are not only affecting the world though. Each time he encounters an enemy, he’s forced into a turn-based combat with only a few of his moves available. Still, he’s able to improvise and realizes that he must decrease the bug level in order to move to the next section of the labyrinth. As Data-Sora makes his way through, Hades watches his progress. The glitches have only helped him in his attempt to defeat Hercules, but he soon sees that Data-Sora could really cause him some trouble if he teams up with Hercules. He quickly thinks of an idea to take care of them both.


But Data-Sora and Hercules are able to meet up before this plan can be put into action. Data-Sora quickly fills in the hero that they need to search for the source of all the glitches. They realize that this will go a lot easier together and join forces. As they navigate the labyrinth, Data-Sora asks if Hercules would know who would be trying to do this to the world. Hercules is almost positive that it’s Hades so the two try to find him within the maze. Despite Hercules’s suspicions, it seems that Hades isn’t the source of the glitches. He’s merely using them to his advantage. The same way he’s using Cloud,  who he sends out to defeat Hercules and Data-Sora telling him that it will help give him access to the next world. It’s also a chance to erase the failures of his past and gain a true hero’s strength.


It doesn’t take long for Cloud to find Data-Sora and Hercules. He immediately challenges them to a fight and proves to be incredibly strong. However, he’s not able to stand up to their combined might. As soon as it looks like he’s about to lose, Hades throws a massive fireball at all three of them. Cloud deflects it without a second thought and is angered by Hades’s lies though he’s too weak to stand up to him directly. Data-Sora demands to know if Hades is behind the glitches, but he tells them that something else is causing those troubles. In fact, he’s going to let the keeper of this maze take care of all three of them while he sits back and watches. He disappears leaving Cloud to apologize for the attack before walking off.



Hercules and Data-Sora continue to work their way through the maze until they spot Cloud again, this time surrounded by Heartless. They promise to come help him, but he doesn’t want it. He’s created this trouble for himself and caused them trouble as well so he will take care of his problems on his own. But Data-Sora and Hercules don’t listen and join in on the fight. After destroying all the Heartless, they ask him to join them to help solve the labyrinth, but he keeps making excuses about how he attacked them before and how he always lets people down. But they know he’s not a bad guy because of how he protected them from Hades. They offer him encouragement and finally he joins the group.


It doesn’t take much longer for the three of them to discover the door leading out of the labyrinth. They believe that on the other side is the source of all the glitches. Stepping through the door, they come upon Cerberus. Data-Sora is intimidated by the sheer size of the beast, but Hercules tells him not to worry as he’s fought bigger monsters in the past. The thing to remember is that friends will always be there for you when you need them. With both Hercules and Cloud at his side, Data-Sora faces off against Cerberus and the three are able to defeat it. They celebrate their victory and the fact that everything should soon return to normal, but the jubilation is cut short by Hades. He challenges them to a fight in his anger, but the strength of the three friends is too much for even him.


But there’s something strange. The labyrinth isn’t disappearing. Instead, it just keeps going. Cerberus actually wasn’t the source of the glitches. The trio band together again and work through the maze until Hades comes to challenge them. This time he’s brought an enormous creature known as the Rock Titan. Hercules comments that this is the kind of monster he’s used to seeing. Data-Sora and Cloud aren’t worried either. With friends by their side, they can take on any challenge and prove it by defeating the gigantic creature. Hades rages that everything he throws at them is defeated though he tells them that there is still plenty of labyrinth to go as he disappears.


As they walk through the maze, Hercules gives the others tips about what it takes to be a hero. Data-Sora thinks getting through the maze is a heroic enough task since it seems like it goes on forever. Cloud mentions that he once knew somebody who never quit, no matter what challenge he faced. Hercules agrees that it’s by facing those challenges that you eventually become a hero to somebody. Data-Sora’s spirits are raised by the conversation, and he rushes ahead to the next challenge. It turns out to be a Behemoth Heartless, which Cloud recognizes. The Heartless charges at them, but once again they are able to rise to the challenge and defeat it.


Unfortunately, that still wasn’t the source of all the glitches. Data-Sora almost despairs again, but his friends encourage him to keep at it. They keep working their way through the labyrinth until reaching a massive gate. Data-Sora almost says that this one has to be the end of it all, but he keeps his mouth shut in case it isn’t. They’ve had enough false hope. Sure enough, on the other side, Hades is waiting. He’s called upon his last and best fighter. The Ice Titan is sure to finish off all of them this time. But Hercules knows they have Hades on the ropes if he’s calling out this monster. If they can beat it, they should be in the clear. The three charge into the battle and are able to completely shatter the Ice Titan to Hades’s utter rage. He can’t understand how they’ve been able to defeat everything he’s thrown at them.



Hades disappears for a final time as the glitches finally disappear and the coliseum returns to normal. It turns out that the Ice Titan was the source of all the problems. Cloud decides to waste no time in setting out for his next journey while Hercules offers Data-Sora the chance to help keep Olympus safe. He graciously declines, saying that he has friends waiting on him. With Olympus Coliseum glitch free, Data-Sora heads for the next world.


Back in the library, the computer screen displays that data recovery has reached 10%. Donald’s confused as to why they didn’t receive a new video this time, but Journal-Riku explains that those scenes originated inside his mind. By getting rid of the bugs, he was able to access deeper memories associated with those worlds. Jiminy finally understands why those scenes were so unfamiliar to all of them, those memories didn’t belong to any of them. Glancing back at the monitor, Goofy sees Pete suddenly approaches Data-Sora. Mickey demands to know how he got into the datascape, and he explains that it was the same way they did. He thought he’d enter to get a vacation from the outside world. Pete then runs to the next data portal claiming that he’ll take the next world for his very own. Data-Sora runs after him to both protect the data world and fix its glitches.


He arrives in Agrabah and soon loses sight of Pete. Data-Sora finds it strange that the streets are so empty and wonders if it’s due to the glitches. In any case, it’s time for him to start looking for the keyhole and stop any trouble that Pete may cause. He soon comes across Aladdin, who explains that all the strange blocks and creatures are what’s causing people to stay indoors. Data-Sora asks why he isn’t inside as well, but he explains that he just escaped a cave and is now looking for a friend from the palace. He asks for Data-Sora’s help in keeping an eye out for the missing Jasmine, and the two go their separate ways.


It’s not long before he spots Jasmine and Jafar in a back alley of the city. Jafar is attempting to force the princess to marry him, but she outright refuses. Data-Sora steps in when it looks like Jafar’s about to strike her. He tells Jasmine that Aladdin is looking for her causing Jafar  to rage at the news. He had thought he had gotten rid of the street rat already. Jafar plans to try again, but first he attempts to get rid of the meddling Data-Sora. The two fight in the streets of Agrabah, and Jafar is forced to retreat. He curses his ill luck until Pete approaches him with a lamp. It doesn’t take long for the vizier to recognize it as the lamp he’s been searching for. But Pete explains that it isn’t the same. He created a copy using the corrupted data of the world. Jafar doesn’t understand though he takes it just the same. Pete is about to ask for Jafar to plunge the world into darkness, but the vizier is already wishing for the power to defeat anyone who dares challenge him.


Jasmine tells Data-Sora that she tried to warn everyone at the palace of Jafar’s underhanded plans, but no one believed her because he’s so well respected. When the blocks appeared, it proved the perfect excuse for him to begin his plans to capture her and make her his wife. Jasmine is relieved to hear that Aladdin is all right, but he doesn’t know anything about Jafar’s plans. Data-Sora promises to take her to him so they can give him a warning. The two find him in the plaza where he’s relieved to see the princess safe. He explains that he found a lamp in the cave he was trapped in and with it, they can defeat Jafar.



Suddenly, the vizier appears before them and grabs Jasmine. He uses his new powers to completely throw Data-Sora and Aladdin off. As he disappears, he casts a spell but Data-Sora doesn’t notice until he sees everything else around him frozen in time. Mickey explains that it was the Keyblade that protected him though its power will only keep him safe for a short time. Before he can do anything else, Data-Sora watches as Iago steals the real lamp from Aladdin’s frozen hand. Mickey tells him to go after Iago and get back the lamp as it contains a friend that will be able to help.


He has to chase him all of the city, but Data-Sora eventually retakes the lamp from Iago. Not realizing what’s so special about it, he decides to give it a little polish. The act frees Genie from the lamp, and he addresses Data-Sora as Aladdin before realizing that it’s someone new. He promises Data-Sora three wishes, and he immediately uses one to go to Jafar. Genie takes him to the Cave of Wonders, where time is flowing normally. It seems Jafar’s spell only affected the city. He finds the vizier near the mouth of the cave and demands to know where he took Jasmine. Jafar only offers the clue that she’s resting on the far side of the door. Data-Sora wants to know more, but Jafar uses his second wish to prevent him from entering the cave.


Fortunately, Data-Sora is able to find and repair a hidden System Sector which allows him to reverse the effects of Jafar’s wish. He rushes inside, and Genie tells him that it’s been loaded with traps. Data-Sora realizes that they must be there to prevent him from reaching Jasmine. He’s able to disable all of the traps thanks to the repairs he’s made to the System Sectors and along the way Genie tells him of his dreams of freedom. He had told the same story to Aladdin and got the feeling that he understood more than most. Data-Sora agrees that Aladdin tends to look out for others, but now it’s their turn to help him.


Eventually, he reaches Jafar and is able to corner him. The vizier realizes that he’s no ordinary boy and promises to grant him whatever he wants if he joins him. Data-Sora says he’ll join him if he makes Aladdin sultan, but Jafar absolutely refuses. The two battle once more with Data-Sora again able to overwhelm him. In his desperation, Jafar uses his final wish to become a genie himself. He retreats inside the keyhole with plans to use his new power to make Jasmine love him. Data-Sora, running low on time, is able to find it and enters its pathway. On the other side, he finds himself in a room blocked on all sides by lava and Jafar lording over all.


Genie tells Data-Sora that Jafar truly is invincible now. His only hope is to get his lamp back from Iago. He gives chase to the bird while Jafar throws everything he has at him. The boy is too quick though and is able to secure Jafar’s lamp. With it in hand, he forces Jafar inside to be trapped forever. It turns out that the lamp itself was the source of all the glitches in this world. Data-Sora repairs it, freeing Agrabah from the glitches. Pete  expresses his disappointment at Jafar’s failure and runs off. Before he gives chase, Data-Sora uses his second wish to have Genie return Jasmine to Agrabah. The city should be unfrozen now. He’s about to wish for Genie’s freedom, but he decides to leave that to Aladdin since he was Genie’s first friend.  With that done, Data-Sora heads after Pete.



Outside the Cave of Wonders, Data-Sora confronts Pete but is shocked when he opens the datascape to Maleficent. She knocks him back immediately and uses her power to shatter his Keyblade. It’s then that she realizes that he is not the real Sora nor was that the real Keyblade. With it gone, she can rule the datascape with all of her Heartless. But before the Heartless can attack Data-Sora, he’s saved by Mickey and Journal-Riku. Mickey demands to know what the witch is doing there, but it seems she doesn’t understand that it’s a world of data. It turns out the idea was Pete’s.


He had caught wind of something happening at the castle and spied Mickey and the others watching the computer. When they were pulled into the datascape by the white light, it touched him as well and dragged him into it with them. He awoke on his own in a strange place but realized that Maleficent would be interested. Pete called out to her, and she used her magic to enter this reality with him. They then cut Mickey’s link to the real world so that only they could use it. Once they covered the datascape in darkness, it’ll make the perfect launching point for sending Heartless into Disney Castle. Best of all, Mickey and the others have no chance to escape. Journal-Riku declares that she won’t touch any part of the datascape, but Maleficent uses her magic to knock him out and kidnap him.


Mickey and Data-Sora head back to the library and are greeted with the news that the data recovery has reached 30%. But they’re more worried about Journal-Riku. If Maleficent were to cast him into darkness, the entire datascape would destroyed. Fortunately, it seems there is only one more world left to repair though without the Keyblade, there’s no way to do it. Worse is that there’s no way to create another one since they wrote it in from the real world. With them stuck in the datascape and cut off from Chip and Dale, it’s impossible to get back. Mickey decides to see if his Keyblade is capable of repairing the final glitches. He leaves and the others wonder if he’ll be able to fix everything. But Data-Sora can’t stand to just wait around so he runs off to the final world.



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