Under Arrest

Under Arrest
Help Ethan escape the big house with our V-Guide.
Who killed Manfred?! Get out of there, wipe your prints, and cover your tracks with our V-Guide!
The Shark
Would you...would you kill a man? You could be about to find out in Ethan's fourth trial, and our V-Guide.
The Doc
Get through this chapter with surgical precision using our V-Guide!

Mad Jack
Watch your back, or Jack will attack. Fight back with our V-Guide.
Chat with Lauren to try and learn more. You'll also learn more with our V-Guide
Look down the right hole to find the grave of John Sheppard. And our V-Guide.
Kids shouldn't be playing at a construction yard! Save your brother with our V-Guide!

Flowers On The Grave
Get the last clue of Mr. Kramer before leaving the cemetery. Our V-Guide will tell you all about it.
Sexy Girl
Strip your way to your next clue and our V-Guide. Warning: may contain success.

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